Welcome to surfwheel!

Terms of Use

1. Returns
Items can be returned within 15 days of receiving then if they are not used and arrives back in like new condition.

2. Limited Warranty
We will support the products for 1 year and offer replacement parts or repair of production defects. Damaged caused by incorrect use ore normal wear is not covered. Shipping cost related to repairs have to be paid by the customer.

3. Shipping and handling
For your make-to-order parcels we ship within 10 business days after all payments are received, we try our best to get it out as soon as possible.

4. Problems
If you believe your order is lost in shipping or if you have a problem with any item you purchased, you should contact us before filing a PayPal dispute or asking your credit card company to refund the payment. You can easily get in touch with us by responding to the sales confirmation received from us or using the contact form.

5. Safety
Riding the Surfwheel can result in serious injury or death from collisions or accidents. Please read the included manual and see learning videos available to learn before you use the Surfwheel.
Please learn and abide by local laws and regulations when riding Surfwheel.
Be careful and considerate of others, and take precaution of accidents and collisions.
Please ride at safe and proper speed and make sure your Surfwheel is under control. Keep yourself at safe distance from pedestrians and vehicles and always be prepared to stop.
Do not allow others to try your Surfwheel unless he/she has read through the manual.
Please wear safety gears while riding Surfwheel.
Please stop riding immediately when Surfwheel starts alerting for low battery or over speed.
Charge your Surfwheel in time to ensure safe and smooth usage.
Make sure to power off the Surfwheel before lifting it.
Do not lift Surfwheel on the wheel in case your fingers get caught between the tire and case.
Check your Surfwheel carefully for any loosened or damaged parts every time prior to usage and do not ride before proper troubleshooting.
Do not allow children under the age of thirteen (13) to use the Surfwheel. Children above thirteen (13) should only use the the Surfwheel under adult supervision.