Love off the cuff 3

Love off the cuff 3

Surfwheel is being featured as main role in a movie that will reach to over 100million audience in China. Why did this happen? The movie director Mr. Pang loves extreme sports. He saw our news on techcruch and reached to me for samples. I sent to him one.. and he posted his facebook,”now, I can …

Hold my breath to get here

Surfwheel SU + R1

Still holding my breath now.. till 2017 April… two more exciting products to come.

Learn to Surfwheel

Little girl practicing surfing position at beach

No one expects that they need to learn to Surfwheel. We all know that Snowboarding and Surfing takes weeks of practice.  So, have these expectations when learning to Surfwheel.  Surwheeling is an earned skill/sport, that like Surfing and Snowboarding has its great rewards as you progress. F1st day Get a feel for the board and …

Close to first production…


Excited and exhausted to give birth to Surfwheel R1. and found its strange/odd to maintain information for both facebook and blog. Hence, I decided; for all news on Surfwheel, post on facebook. For blog and blog only,


OBJ8150293_1_low-624x471 First France Appearance!

Surfwheeling at nite


Surfwheel R1 Media Asset v1.

Surf Wheel - beauty shots07


Surfwheel App

Surfwheel App

Job Posting – Skateboard sticker designers


We are hiring Surfwheel sticker designers. Design winner will receive 1 Free USD880 Surfwheel skateboard and an opportunity to sell stickers at Contact us at [email protected]

Surfwheel Demo


Surfwheel Demo 1, Oct 1st, 2015   Surfwheel Demo 2, Oct 1st, 2015   SurfwheelDemo 3, Oct 1st, 2015